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Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

The Natural Path
To a Healthy Look Salt Lake City Regenerative Plastic Surgeon Brent Robinson, M.D.

Driven by Discovery

Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City with Dr. Brent Robinson

Today’s plastic surgery is a lot different than it was in past generations. Gone are the days of windswept foreheads and waxy skin. Today’s plastic surgery pioneers harness the body’s regenerative powers to deliver natural-looking plastic surgery procedures with less downtime. Among these pioneers: Salt Lake City plastic surgeon Brent Robinson, M.D.

Conveniently located in Salt Lake City, just south of downtown Salt Lake City, plastic surgeon Dr. Robinson spent the better part of the last two decades unlocking the secrets of human regeneration. His research work on regenerative treatments led to innovative new procedures that focus on anti-aging at the cellular level. From platelet-rich plasma and adipose-derived stem cells to exosomes and stromal vascular fraction treatments, Dr. Robinson has the deep knowledge and research to deliver impeccable, long-lasting results that keep you looking and feeling great. Naturally.

Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

Plastic Surgery in Utah

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Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

What is Regenerative Plastic Surgery?

Look Good  Feel Good. Live Well.

Regenerative plastic surgery is a relatively new movement within the field of aesthetic Regenerative plastic surgery is a relatively new movement within the field of aesthetic medicine that uses proteins and cells the body produces naturally (in conjunction with targeted surgical interventions) to bolster a patient's ability to fight off the signs and symptoms of visible aging and combat the breakdown of skin and tissue over time.

This potent combination generates results that are long-lasting and natural-looking while delivering demonstrably faster healing times than plastic surgery without the inclusion of regenerative practices.

Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

A Natural Leader

Salt Lake City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brent Robinson

A groundbreaking and innovative regenerative plastic surgeon, Dr. Brent Robinson has worked in biologics since 2006. He was part of some of the first studies in platelet-rich plasma as a health treatment and worked on multiple FDA trials, including a recent study on how to use stem cells found in fat (adipose stem cells) to speed up the healing process. In addition to his work as a surgeon, Dr. Robinson has served as a regenerative medicine consultant and research coordinator.

This revealing journey into the body’s natural healing powers had a profound impact on Dr. Robinson. He’s used this unique expertise to help patients across the medical spectrum during his surgical training, from general surgery to plastic surgery and aesthetics. Now, like generations of pioneers before him, Dr. Robinson brings his passion for discovery to Utah to share the incredible possibilities of regenerative plastic surgery with the Salt Lake City community.

Uniquely You

Dr. Brent Robinson Regenerative Plastic Surgery Featured Procedures

If there’s a particularly versatile pair of shoes or watch in your wardrobe, you may say that item “goes with everything.” That’s how Dr. Robinson thinks about his procedures. On one hand, Dr. Robinson approaches each surgery from a holistic point of view, making sure your results match your beauty goals, your lifestyle, and your schedule. On the other hand, the versatility and the healing power of Dr. Robinson’s rejuvenating additions to his procedures reduce the size of scars, promote faster healing, and get you back to where you want to be faster. Why settle for work that only improves your life in some respects when you could get a procedure that goes with everything? That’s the benefit of regenerative plastic surgery in Salt Lake City with Dr. Robinson.

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This is Your Moment

Salt Lake City Facelift

Ideally, a facelift should be a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ event. Dr. Robinson uses his combination facelift and neck lift procedures to create a full revitalization of the face in a way that separates him from other surgeons. Using regenerative plastic surgery techniques like fat grafting and growth factor placement, as well as traditional aesthetic treatments like skin resurfacing, Dr. Robinson creates transformations that stand the test of time. He doesn’t just reposition the skin; he rejuvenates it. Love your look for decades to come with a facelift from Dr. Robinson.

Facelift +
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

Live Life to the Fullest

Breast Augmentation in Salt Lake City

Mastopexy surgery has become so much more versatile than just breast implants or a “boob job.” Dr. Robinson is part of a new generation of plastic surgeons who incorporate the latest techniques into their surgeries for gorgeous results that feel and look natural, with an unflinching focus on patient safety. He often uses subdermal mesh in a way that acts as an internal support and cleverly positions them to receive the benefits of being both above and below the muscle. He also uses regenerative techniques to minimize scarring and downtime during these procedures.

Breast Augmentation +
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

Reframe Your Look

Salt Lake City Gynecomastia Surgery

Society can be quite unkind to adult men with gynecomastia (growth of fat and glandular tissue that leads to enlarged breasts). Dr. Robinson is the opposite. He treats his patients with dignity and respect and wants to help them feel proud and happy when they look in the mirror. Using hi-def liposuction and direct gland removal, Dr. Robinson treats the root causes of gynecomastia while applying regenerative techniques that reduce downtime and improve healing, helping gynecomastia patients return to their lives faster and more confidently.

Gynecomastia Surgery +
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

Bare Sightings Ahead

Abdominoplasty in Salt Lake City

Take full advantage of the Salt Lake City summer sun with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) by Dr. Robinson. Dr. Robinson’s tummy tucks are versatile and tailored to fit your needs. They can be combined with liposuction or other procedures and, in some cases, can even be done under local anesthesia. By removing excess skin and fat from around the midsection, this procedure targets the types of body changes that are most resistant to diet and exercise… especially skin laxity (sagging skin). In many cases, a Tummy Tuck is the capstone in a body transformation that leads to incredible feelings of confidence and accomplishment.

Abdominoplasty +
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

Just You.

Post-Bariatric Body Contouring in Salt Lake City

First — congratulations! If you’re considering post-bariatric body contouring, then you’ve already come a long way. And this is the last big hurdle between you and the moment you’ve been working so hard to achieve. Dr. Robinson has worked with patients just like you and knows where you are in this journey. He checks your skin laxity along the arms, flanks, torso, and across the body to find just the right places to make changes that get rid of sagging skin while minimizing impact, scarring, and recovery times. When you’re ready, you can confidently take that big step into your post-bariatric body with Dr. Robinson.

Body Contouring +
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

You Can’t Spell “Energy” Without E-Y-E

Salt Lake City Blepharoplasty

“You look tired.” We know that comments like these get under the skin, especially when you feel great! Well, if this is happening to you, the skin itself could be the cause. Baggy eyes or extra skin around the eyelids can cause a tired appearance. Dr. Robinson performs eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) to remove this skin. This precise surgical treatment excises the extra skin around the eyelid, giving you a more awake and energetic appearance with no visible scarring. Learn how this little surgery can make a big difference in your look.

Blepharoplasty +
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

Build Your Look

Plastic Surgery for Men

For generations, plastic surgeons have focused their businesses around their clients, which have mostly been women. In fact, this stereotype has existed for so long that surgeons are often trained almost exclusively on how to perform these procedures for women — which is one more reason why men have been reluctant to reap the benefits of plastic surgery. Thankfully for men, the times are changing. Dr. Robinson and other surgeons like him now train for years on how to craft results with the male frame, physique, and facial structure in mind. From tight, cut abs to a crisp and chiseled jawline, you can count on Dr. Robinson to curate your final form to match your internal vision for yourself.

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Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT
Plastic Surgeon in Salt Lake City, UT

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