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Regenerative Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Regenerative Plastic Surgery with Dr. Robinson

Brent Robinson, M.D., takes pride in being among the select few practices that provide Regenerative Plastic Surgery in Salt Lake City to patients on the front range. By harnessing the power of your own blood or fat tissue, Dr. Robinson can optimize your healing process and effectively address the accumulated damage to your skin and other tissues caused by natural aging and environmental factors. Discover the transformative potential of Regenerative Plastic Surgery and unlock the rejuvenating benefits of your own cells.

Regenerative Plastic Surgery Salt Lake City

Unlock Natural Rejuvenation

What is Regenerative Plastic Surgery?

At our practice in Salt Lake City Regenerative plastic surgery represents an innovative approach in the realm of aesthetic medicine. Utilizing the body's naturally-produced proteins and cells, alongside targeted surgical interventions, enhances patients' capacity to combat the visible signs of aging and address the gradual deterioration of skin and tissue. This powerful fusion produces enduring outcomes that appear natural while offering notably accelerated healing times compared to traditional plastic surgery methods that do not incorporate regenerative techniques.

Transform from Within

Types of Treatments

PRP for Face and Hair Loss

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) has remarkable effects on the skin because it stimulates the skin's natural healing process. Whether used alone or combined with other treatments, PRP addresses various concerns, such as acne scarring, facial volume loss, enlarged pores, rough skin texture, and thinning hair. Combined with nano fat, a blend of PRP and natural growth factors, it targets multiple signs of aging deep within the skin's tissue, providing comprehensive anti-aging benefits.

Adipose Stem Cells

Adipose tissue had distinct advantages over bone marrow, as it was easier to extract and had a significantly higher population of stem cells. A mere ounce of fat contains 300-500 times more mesenchymal stem cells than an ounce of bone marrow. Due to their abundance, most procedures utilizing autologous adipose stem cells do not require off-site expansion in a laboratory. This means that adipose therapies can often be performed during the same operative session, which is more convenient than bone marrow therapies that typically involve days of culture expansion in a lab before reinjection. Over the past decade, plastic surgeons have developed safe and efficient methods to remove fat and isolate stem cells.


Exosomes are small, vesicle-like particles that detach from cells and carry essential substances such as proteins, DNA, and RNA from their parent cells. Other cells can absorb these particles in various parts of the body, influencing their functioning. While all cells release exosomes, those originating from stem cells, which have the ability to differentiate into any cell type, are especially significant in regenerative medicine. Stem cell-derived exosomes play a vital role in healing and repair processes. In medical aesthetics, exosomes are utilized for their regenerative properties. Research has demonstrated that exosome therapy can enhance facial aesthetics and stimulate hair regrowth.

Nano fat for the face

Rejuvenate and repair with nano fat, a natural bio-stimulatory product that addresses aging, scarring, and soft tissue concerns. After extracting fat from the body, it undergoes meticulous filtration to isolate the precious "liquid gold" particles. Nano fat is rich in the body's stem cells and essential nutrients, promoting regeneration. Whether used alone or in combination with other treatments, nano fat delivers remarkable cosmetic outcomes for fine lines and wrinkles. Its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to stimulate collagen production result in firmer, revitalized skin.

Regenerative Plastic Surgery Salt Lake City

Harness the Power of Your Cells


PRP demonstrates comprehensive skin rejuvenation effects, enhancing skin texture and thickness and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. It achieves this by stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin, resulting in increased volume. When combined with cosmetic fat grafting procedures, PRP improves the success rate of fat grafts and enhances long-term outcomes. Additionally, PRP effectively addresses scars and pigmentary irregularities. While it does not replace cosmetic surgery when necessary, it complements and improves the overall results of surgical procedures. Experience the concentrated healing benefits of Regenerative Plastic Surgery with Dr. Robinson.

The Art & Science of Regeneration

Your Regenerative Plastic Surgery Consultation

Dr. Brent Robinson, a pioneering regenerative plastic surgeon, has been involved in biologics since 2006. He played a significant role in early platelet-rich plasma studies. He participated in multiple FDA trials, including recent research on utilizing adipose stem cells from fat tissue to expedite the healing process. Alongside his surgical practice, Dr. Robinson has served as a regenerative medicine consultant and research coordinator in the field of biologics.

His deep exploration of the body's natural healing abilities has profoundly influenced Dr. Robinson. Throughout his surgical training, spanning general surgery, plastic surgery, and aesthetics, he has utilized this unique expertise to benefit patients across the medical spectrum. Now, following in the footsteps of generations of pioneers, Dr. Robinson brings his passion for discovery to Salt Lake City, Utah, aiming to share the remarkable possibilities of regenerative plastic surgery with the local community.

Regenerative Plastic Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Is Regenerative Plastic Surgery Safe?

PRP has a well-established safety record spanning over 20 years, with its effectiveness proven in various medical specialties such as cardiovascular surgery, orthopedics, sports medicine, dermatology, and more. Its use in wound healing, aesthetics, and skin rejuvenation began around 2004 in Europe and Asia. Common areas treated for aesthetic purposes include the face, neck, lips, and hands. PRP is also utilized to stimulate hair growth in both men and women with different types of alopecia

Am I a good candidate for Regenerative Plastic Surgery?

Ideal candidates for regenerative plastic surgery should be in good overall health, possess excess fatty tissue available for harvesting, and have a suitable body region for cell regeneration. During a personalized consultation, Dr. Robinson can assess your specific case and determine if regenerative modalities are a suitable option for you. He will explain the process, associated risks, and benefits and address any other questions.

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With Dr. Brent Robinson by your side, your journey into the innovative world of regenerative plastic surgery will lead to a burst of confidence and renewed energy as you harness the aesthetic potential of your body. Schedule your Salt Lake City regenerative plastic surgery consultation today and get started on the path to a more beautiful future.

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